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Welcome to our library web site

The Fisher-Watkins Library at Cushing Academy has changed its focus from printed books and resources to digital content. A critical element of this effort is the re-design our library's web site to provide a more engaging experience for our students and faculty, connecting them wherever they are (the library, classroom, dorm or home) to digital content and tools that support Cushing Academy's 21st Century Leadership curriculum.

Introduction to Digital Tools

Cushing Academy provides access to many valuable digital tools and services to help with your learning, organize your research, make engaging presentations, and more.  If you know of a digital tool being used on campus that we should add, send us a note.

Our newest ebooks

Here are some of our newest ebook titles.  However, you aren't limited to just what we own.  Tell us what you want to read and we'll try to get it for you within minutes!

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